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(MEDIA) WATCH: “Drop Dobbs”: CNN Pressured To Give Up Controversial Host…

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Source: The Huffington Post

CNN is facing pressure on a number of fronts to drop Lou Dobbs from their roster of on-air talent, a move that would force millions of Americans seeking out news about the conspiracy to spread leprosy throughout America via illegal Mexican immigrants to turn instead to the guy who lives under the bridge by the old tire factory.

Leading the way in this effort are a coalition of organizations united under the “Drop Dobbs” banner, including Media Matters for America, the National Council of La Raza, the National Hispanic Media Coalition, the New Democrat Network, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Writing for Media Matters’ County Fair blog, John V. Santore sums up their beef:

For years, Lou Dobbs has been one of the most dangerous hosts on cable news. He benefits enormously from the legitimacy of the CNN brand, which provides him with an unparalleled platform from which to mainstream the hate speech and racially charged conspiracy theories normally relegated to Fox News and other conservative news outlets. Dobbs calls himself an “advocacy journalist,” but he doesn’t even live up to that ambiguous standard. Good journalism enhances the discussion of serious topics, but Dobbs helps to undermine and debase that discussion, routinely infusing it with misinformation and fear. And when it comes to issues like immigration, he has more in common with birther Orly Taitz than with Anderson Cooper.
If CNN won’t drop Dobbs, it’s time that his advertisers did. It’s time to do more than simply highlight the damage Dobbs does and the threat he poses. We must demand accountability from the advertisers who, by their purchase of airtime on his shows, actively support his hate speech. READ MORE

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September 16, 2009 at 9:29 am

(FROM THE EDITOR) READ: Outsourcing Journalism…

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blogmeisterusa.mu.nu__EncinoJacksonCircusAlthough this is an old news article, I just thought I’d share it with you. I was casually browsing a few websites that I haven’t read in awhile and came accross an interesting peice about how journalism is being outsourced to other countries, appalling:

Source: FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)
By Megan Tady

Brayden Simms had only five months to warm his seat as a copy editor at the Miami Herald before he joined the long list of journalists across the country losing their jobs faster and more suddenly than a breaking story.

But while media companies are slashing their staff rosters, consolidating newsrooms and forcing those journalists left standing to take on the job responsibilities of their laid-off co-workers, there was something unique about Simms’ firing: He would be replaced. But the new copy editor doesn’t live in Miami, or Florida, or even the U.S. The McClatchy Co., parent of the Miami Herald, is handing Simms’ copyediting duties to a company in India.

“My job has been outsourced to India,” Simms wrote—ironically, in a blog for his erstwhile employer (MiamiHerald.com, 6/22/08).

In June, McClatchy tapped the Miami Herald to eliminate 250 full-time positions. “Considering the recent spate of industry layoffs in South Florida, my forced buyout means I may need to relocate to find journalism work,” Simms wrote. He was reluctant to grant Extra! an interview in time for publication, as his severance check had yet to clear.

Taking over for Simms is Mindworks Global Media, a company headquartered near New Delhi. The company website boasts that “Mindworks’ staff edits and lays out newspaper pages, letting publishers reduce operational costs in print while keeping reporters and writers on the beat.”

McClatchy is the third-largest newspaper company in the U.S., behind Gannett and Tribune Co. Last December, the media giant handed over the Sacramento Bee’s advertising production to Express KCS (Sacramento Bee, 12/6/07), a company that offers “world class offshore advertising production to newspapers.”

McClatchy isn’t alone in looking overseas to parcel out newsroom functions. In June, the Orange Country Register announced, after a protracted period of layoffs and buy-outs (L.A. Times, 8/7/07), that it would also turn to Mindworks to copyedit some of the paper’s pages on a trial basis (Editor & Publisher, 6/24/08), and to take over layout design for a sister community paper (LAObserved, 6/24/08).

And in May 2008, the community online newspaper Pasadena Now hired two reporters to cover the Pasadena City Council—from India, via video. “A lot of the routine stuff we do can be done by really talented people in another time zone at much lower wages,” James Macpherson, the editor of the site, told the Los Angeles Times (5/11/07). READ MORE

Written by dnnnewshound

September 2, 2009 at 2:59 pm