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(READ): America: Why So Furious?…

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cmsimg.detnews(Newser Summary) – With town halls gone mad and anti-Obama protesters toting guns, this is America’s angriest summer in recent memory, McClatchy reports. The fury of voters has deep roots, from a long history of hate groups to anti-Vietnam marches to rage against George W. Bush when he left office—but it’s only intensified under Barack Obama. Town halls “were the most visible sign of something that may be larger,” one expert says.

Fear of immigrants, terrorism, and a sinking economy are likely driving the anger, which has sparked 50 new militias and enough tax-refusnicks that the IRS created a National Tax Defier Initiative last year. Meanwhile, new technologies are quickly spreading anti-government conspiracies—like the belief that Washington is using 30,000 guillotines to harvest body parts. “In ’94, you had talk radio,” one expert says. “In ’09, you have talk radio, Fox, and the Internet.”

Drew Nelles

Source: McClatchy Newspapers

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August 31, 2009 at 4:05 pm

(HEALTH) READ: Aspirin Harmful for Healthy People: Study…

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Source: Newser

www.newser.com_An employee of German chemical and drug maker Bayer..._288767-6-20090831114948(Newser Summary) – Healthy people shouldn’t be taking aspirin, according to a new study. The drug doesn’t actually reduce the risk of heart attack, as many of the “worried well” have long believed, British scientists told a medical conference, but it does nearly double the risk they’ll be hospitalized with internal bleeding. Those who’ve already suffered a heart attack, however, should keep taking their aspirin, doctors said.

“Aspirin probably leads to a minor reduction in future events but the problem is that has to be weighed against an increase in bleeding,” said one of the researchers. “Some of that bleeding can be quite serious and lead to death.” For those who’ve already had a heart attack, the risk of another episode outweighs all other concerns. Source: Daily Telegraph (UK)

Kevin Spak

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August 31, 2009 at 1:29 pm

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(TECH) READ: Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors, Says New Report By International EMF Collaborative….

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www.textually.org__mobile-phone-harmfulA new report, “Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone,” was released today by a collaborative of international EMF activists. Groups affiliated with the report include Powerwatch and the Radiation Research Trust in the U.K., and in the U.S., EMR Policy Institute, ElectromagenticHealth.org and The Peoples Initiative Foundation. Download the report.

The exposé discusses research on cellphones and brain tumors and concludes:

– There is a risk of brain tumors from cellphone use;
– Telecom funded studies underestimate the risk of brain tumors, and;
– Children have larger risks than adults for brain tumors.

This report, sent to government leaders and media today, details eleven design flaws of the 13-country, Telecom-funded Interphone study. The Interphone study, begun in 1999, was intended to determine the risks of brain tumors, but its full publication has been held up for years. Components of this study published to date reveal what the authors call a ‘systemic-skew’, greatly underestimating brain tumor risk.

The design flaws include categorizing subjects who used portable phones (which emit the same microwave radiation as cellphones,) as ‘unexposed’; exclusion of many types of brain tumors; exclusion of people who had died, or were too ill to be interviewed, as a consequence of their brain tumor; and exclusion of children and young adults, who are more vulnerable.  Read More

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August 31, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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(READ): Extreme celebrity workouts can damage you…

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Source: Times Online

women.timesonline.co.uk_Woman looking exhausted on a piece of gym equipment_30ol-style-workout__605326aExercise and diet regimes favoured by the famous from Madonna to Elle MacPherson can do more harm than good

Thanks to several high-profile extreme exercisers, we have recently been provided with plenty of proof that Olympian-style workout regimes, far from being beneficial, can actually take their toll on health and appearance. Madonna’s arms, all sinew and veins, and Elle Macpherson’s saggy knees are both side effects of excessive exercising. Then we had the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, collapsing while out jogging. Many blamed the rigorous exercise schedule and severe diet that his wife, Carla Bruni, has encouraged him to follow. With the help of Bruni’s personal trainer, Speedy Sarko, 54, has dropped two trouser sizes in the process, but he has also dropped to the floor.

For some extremists, working out just to keep the flab at bay is no longer enough, and a growing number of people are adopting the “more is better” celebrity approach. Many workouts rival those of elite athletes in terms of frequency, intensity and duration, following the theory that greater effort equals a better return in terms of anti-ageing, disease-fighting and fat-minimising benefits. But do daily three-hour workouts really help to hold back the years? Experts warn they won’t, and claim that extreme exercise can put your health at risk.

“Some celebrities are taking their workouts to dangerous levels,” says Dan Corbett, a personal trainer at Gymbox. “They work out to the point at which their body-fat levels become so low, there are signs of muscle wastage and fatigue.” Dr Jason Gill, of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, says that unless you are a professional athlete, you should expend a maximum of 3,000 calories a week through exercise — that’s the workout equivalent of walking, running or cycling three to five miles a day. Beyond that, he says, there are no proven benefits to health. “At best, you might reach a plateau in your fitness level if you overdo things,” he says. “If you do too much exercise and decrease your calorie intake, the consequences can be more dire.”

Certainly, experts are becoming more aware of the dangers linked to overstrenuous workouts. Sarkozy’s collapse was reportedly due to “a cardiac incident”, and he is not alone. In June, a study in the American Journal of Cardiology suggested that too much vigorous exercise can increase the risk of heart problems. Dr Anthony Aizer, a cardiologist at New York University, analysed the workout habits of almost 17,000 seemingly healthy men. He found that those who exercised hard enough to break into a significant sweat five to seven days a week increased the odds of atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder, by 20% compared with those who did no vigorous exercise. Runners, especially those aged 50 and under, are most at risk of the problem, which can lead to fainting, heart attacks and even strokes. Read More

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August 30, 2009 at 11:59 am

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(READ): Internet Addicts Get First U.S. Treatment Clinic…

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Source: LiveScience

internet_addictionHardcore Internet junkies now have their very own version of the Betty Ford clinic.

The Heavensfield Retreat Center, located in Fall City, Wash., claims to be the first U.S in-patient center to treat Internet, video game and texting addictions. Enrollment in the clinic’s 45-day Internet addiction recovery program, called reStart, costs roughly $14,500.

The program is designed to wean patients off the Internet by combining traditional talk therapy with social skills training, such as lessons in conversation techniques and dating. Patients also feed goats, raise chickens and do home-maintenance work as a way of getting reoriented with the offline world.   

The clinic’s first patient is a 19-year-old boy from Iowa who admitted to being hooked on the online game World of Warcraft.

While it may seem like an extreme (not to mention pricey) way to get unplugged, Stuart Fischoff, a psychologist and Senior Editor at the Journal of Media Psychology, believes the rehab approach can be helpful.

“For patients in clinical settings, exposing them to friendly animals has had very positive effects,” said Fischoff, who is not affiliated with the new clinic. “The purpose here is to get the patient to experience gratification from something that doesn’t require an Internet connection. So giving the patient someone who needs them, appreciates them and doesn’t judge them allows them to reach out to the flesh-and-blood world.” Read More

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August 28, 2009 at 10:21 am

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(READ): Swine flu: Vaccine is safe, CDC says…

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healthSource: St. Louis Dispatch

Each year, three flu viruses are included in the seasonal flu vaccine. The swine flu strain started circulating too late in the spring to be included in the 2009 flu shot, so a separate shot was formulated. There are no signs of increased risks of side effects from the swine flu vaccine when compared to the yearly flu shot given to millions of Americans, CDC experts said.

Questions have been raised about another swine flu vaccine that in 1976 was linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare nervous system disorder that can cause muscle weakness and paralysis.

Vaccine experts will be watching closely for the syndrome, but aren’t expecting the same reactions. The 2009 swine flu vaccine is different from the 1976 version in that it doesn’t use the whole virus, officials said. Today’s vaccines are essentially “cleaner,” Schuchat said.

Read more: http://www.stltoday.com/blogzone/fit-bits/influenza/200… /

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August 26, 2009 at 5:29 pm

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(READ): Swine Flu May Cause 90,000 U.S. Deaths, Report Says…

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healthSource: Bloomberg

By Tom Randall

Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) — Swine flu may infect half the U.S. population this year, hospitalize 1.8 million patients and lead to as many as 90,000 deaths, more than twice the number killed in a typical seasonal flu, White House advisers said.

Thirty percent to 50 percent of the country’s population will be infected in the fall and winter, according to the “plausible scenario” outlined in today’s report by the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology. As many as 300,000 patients may be treated in hospital intensive care units, filling 50 percent to 100 percent of the available beds, and 30,000 to 90,000 people may die, the study said.

Seasonal flu usually infects “several hundred thousand” people and kills 36,000 patients, said Tom Skinner, a spokesman for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The swine flu virus, also known as H1N1, causes more cases of severe illness requiring hospitalization among younger people than seasonal flu, while leaving people ages 65 and older relatively unscathed, said Mike Shaw, associate director of laboratory science at the CDC’s flu division.

“People who get infected with this strain happen to be the healthiest members of our society,” Shaw said today at a presentation at the CDC in Atlanta.

To contact the reporters on this story: Tom Randall in New York at trandall6@bloomberg.net;

Last Updated: August 24, 2009 15:00 EDT

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