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(READ): Extreme celebrity workouts can damage you…

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Source: Times Online

women.timesonline.co.uk_Woman looking exhausted on a piece of gym equipment_30ol-style-workout__605326aExercise and diet regimes favoured by the famous from Madonna to Elle MacPherson can do more harm than good

Thanks to several high-profile extreme exercisers, we have recently been provided with plenty of proof that Olympian-style workout regimes, far from being beneficial, can actually take their toll on health and appearance. Madonna’s arms, all sinew and veins, and Elle Macpherson’s saggy knees are both side effects of excessive exercising. Then we had the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, collapsing while out jogging. Many blamed the rigorous exercise schedule and severe diet that his wife, Carla Bruni, has encouraged him to follow. With the help of Bruni’s personal trainer, Speedy Sarko, 54, has dropped two trouser sizes in the process, but he has also dropped to the floor.

For some extremists, working out just to keep the flab at bay is no longer enough, and a growing number of people are adopting the “more is better” celebrity approach. Many workouts rival those of elite athletes in terms of frequency, intensity and duration, following the theory that greater effort equals a better return in terms of anti-ageing, disease-fighting and fat-minimising benefits. But do daily three-hour workouts really help to hold back the years? Experts warn they won’t, and claim that extreme exercise can put your health at risk.

“Some celebrities are taking their workouts to dangerous levels,” says Dan Corbett, a personal trainer at Gymbox. “They work out to the point at which their body-fat levels become so low, there are signs of muscle wastage and fatigue.” Dr Jason Gill, of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, says that unless you are a professional athlete, you should expend a maximum of 3,000 calories a week through exercise — that’s the workout equivalent of walking, running or cycling three to five miles a day. Beyond that, he says, there are no proven benefits to health. “At best, you might reach a plateau in your fitness level if you overdo things,” he says. “If you do too much exercise and decrease your calorie intake, the consequences can be more dire.”

Certainly, experts are becoming more aware of the dangers linked to overstrenuous workouts. Sarkozy’s collapse was reportedly due to “a cardiac incident”, and he is not alone. In June, a study in the American Journal of Cardiology suggested that too much vigorous exercise can increase the risk of heart problems. Dr Anthony Aizer, a cardiologist at New York University, analysed the workout habits of almost 17,000 seemingly healthy men. He found that those who exercised hard enough to break into a significant sweat five to seven days a week increased the odds of atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder, by 20% compared with those who did no vigorous exercise. Runners, especially those aged 50 and under, are most at risk of the problem, which can lead to fainting, heart attacks and even strokes. Read More

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