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I spend most of my waking time scouring the internet and TV to ferret out the daily news, I do this for my own knowledge mainly but I figured I might as well put what I find on a blog or something. So that’s a bit of history behind DNN… I’m not sure where this will go, I’m not really expecting this site to be another Drudge or The Huffington Post of course! But I feel the more news sources, the better. So please feel free to read a few links and if you liked/hated the article please post a comment! Thanks. –Sean Brystone Editor In Chief DAILY NEWS NETWORK (DNN)

A list of our sources: (Note this list is growing almost every day, so please keep checking in often)

Please let me know if any of the links are dead…

In no particular order:

The Huffington Post


News of the World

Sky News

Democratic Underground



(NO DNN isn’t from the UK sadly enough, I just like their newspapers)


Daily Kos

Please, Cut The Crap (pleasecutthecrap.com)

The Real News Network(TRNN)

News Runner

Crooks and Liars


Online Journal

The Nation

Common Dreams

Times Online

The Konformist

TV News Lies

Bear Left


Unknown News


Mail Online


Media Policy News







The Intelligence Daily

Daily Star

The Independent

Independent Media Center

The Daily Beast

Center for Media and Democracy

Mother Jones

The Register


DRUDGE REPORT (I know it is conservative, but…)

The Underground News Source

Global News


Media Matters

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August 28, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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