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(READ): Catch Me If You Can: Conman Taunts Police…

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Source: SKY NEWS

An alleged conman who poses as an Arab prince and is said to have run-up £20,000 in unpaid hotel bills has taunted police to “catch me if you can”.

Serhani lives the high life in Bali

Abdelkarim Serhani fled Australia in late July after being charged with fraud.

He has since sent photos of himself living in luxury in Bali – along with a video in which he teases officers with the famous catchphrase.

And the 26-year-old Frenchman now claims to have moved on to New Zealand.

Serhani was charged with scamming £20,000 worth of goods and services while staying on Australia’s Hamilton Island.

This included free accommodation, helicopter flights, security guards, meals and drinks – including £10,000 worth of champagne.

A nurse by profession, Serhani had also reportedly showered acquaintances with money and gifts during a stay in Cairns.

Emmanuelle Pirez, a French tourist, told the Cairns Post that he and two friends had spent two weeks with him on a yacht.

They had then joined him in Cairns, where he drove a Ferrari and brought along several models from Sydney.

“This guy was so generous with us, he gave us money,” said Mr Pirez. “There were pretty women every day.

“He was very charming like a good actor – he could be very famous if he wanted.”

In a video posted on the internet, Serhani demands the release of a Japanese woman who is co-charged with fraud in Australia. Read More

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