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(READ): Swine flu: Vaccine is safe, CDC says…

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healthSource: St. Louis Dispatch

Each year, three flu viruses are included in the seasonal flu vaccine. The swine flu strain started circulating too late in the spring to be included in the 2009 flu shot, so a separate shot was formulated. There are no signs of increased risks of side effects from the swine flu vaccine when compared to the yearly flu shot given to millions of Americans, CDC experts said.

Questions have been raised about another swine flu vaccine that in 1976 was linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare nervous system disorder that can cause muscle weakness and paralysis.

Vaccine experts will be watching closely for the syndrome, but aren’t expecting the same reactions. The 2009 swine flu vaccine is different from the 1976 version in that it doesn’t use the whole virus, officials said. Today’s vaccines are essentially “cleaner,” Schuchat said.

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