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(READ): Next Clunkers You Can Cash In On? Appliances…

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Source: Newser.com

appliances(Newser Summary) – If you missed out on cashing in on that clunker in your driveway, your next chance may be no farther than the kitchen, USA Today reports. Stimulus funds that will give consumers rebates as high as $200 for replacing old, inefficient appliances with newer models are due to start flowing Oct. 15. Utilities in many states also offer rebates to customers who’ll recycle old refrigerators and freezers.

The $300 million program has multiple benefits: Consumers will see lower electric bills in addition to whatever they qualify for in rebates; retiring inefficient appliances will leave more power in the grid; manufacturers and retailers look likely to see the kind of boom that accompanied the cash-for-clunkers vehicle program; and old appliances that are often “environmental time bombs” will be disposed of safely or recycled.

W. McCahill

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August 25, 2009 at 10:51 pm

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