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All too often the mainstream news media spotlights celebrity’s and high profile politicians for several days (The death of Michael Jackson anyone?). For like 3 weeks straight CNN constantly ran his death, his life, one conspiracy after another, who will get the kids, who got the kids, ETC. Meanwhile other more important news was buried so far down that they never had a chance to come to the surface. Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Mr. Jackson, I’m just proving a point, and his death was the latest “Big News” that CNN and most other mainstream news media outlets buried other important news.

There is other sites that shed light on buried news, why am I making this site? Look in your phone book and search for Plumbers… I think you get my point. There’s a million restaurants, grocery stores, ETC all doing pretty much the same thing, but for some reason you prefer one for the other, maybe one has better fruit than the other store or something, so why can’t that apply to news sites too?

This site will try to be “Fair And Balanced” as much as possible, some of the time I’ll be posting about other news articles that I think are under-reported so it may or may not be totally balanced since it’s something that I didn’t write myself. But I’ll be transparent and let you know I will probably favor left-leaning topics.

Oh God, who am I kidding, We’re as left-wing as they get and proud! DNN is changing it’s policy; It will be the most liberal website on WordPress!

Sources: Whenever possible I’ll list my sources, usually I get my news from 3 types of sources: Mainstream such as AP, CNN, FAUX News, MSNBC, CBS, ETC. and Independent and foreign news Reuters, state-run media Press TV (Iran), CCTV (China), and ALjazeera English. (Aljazeera and Press TV, CCTV can easily be viewable with this free player; LiveStation .


DNN does not recognize Plagiarism, We only include short excerpts and we do not include the entire original article, or that would be plagiarism. We include all attribution links for the originating source. The FAIR USE Act of U.S. Copyright Law protects DNN. In accordance with U.S. Code Title 17, Section 107,

Whenever possible, the content on this site will be under the Creative Commons and Fair Use policy and or licenses.

creativecommonsMost of our images come from online sites that offer Royalty-free/Creative Commons Licenses such as: stock.xchng, Stockvault.net, Image-After, Flickr with a CC License.

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August 9, 2009 at 10:42 pm

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(POLITICS) READ: Obama Tells Lama to Stay Away…

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299146-1-20091005070041.image(Newser) – In a move seemingly designed to appease China, US officials have asked the Dalai Lama not to meet with President Obama when he visits Washington this week. Typically, the Lama “drops in” on the White House whenever he’s in the capital, but Obama doesn’t want to meet with him until after his summit with China’s Hu Jintao next month, diplomats tell the Washington Post. READ MORE

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October 5, 2009 at 9:07 am

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(SCANDALOUS) READ: The White House Calls Out FOX News And Glenn Beck On Lies…

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In a new post on the official White House blog, Online Programs Director Jesse Lee calls out Fox News for perpetuating lies about President Obama’s push to bring the Olympics to the city of Chicago.

Lee writes that Fox News, and in particular Glenn Beck, continues to ignore the facts “in an attempt to smear the Administration’s efforts to win the Olympics for the United States.”

The White House blog post continues to delineate what it deems misleading rhetoric on Obama’s Olympics efforts. An example:

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October 1, 2009 at 9:07 am

Distracted Drivers Killed 5,800 in ’08…

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(Newser Summary) – Accidents caused by distracted drivers killed at least 5,800 and injured another 515,000 last year, according to data pulled from police reports and presented today to Transportation Department conference on the issue. The actual figures may be significantly higher, say Transportation officials, since distraction is often hard to identify as a cause of a crash. Congress is considering laws that would limit what drivers can do behind the wheel, Reuters reports.

A ban on text-messaging has widespread support, but a cell phone ban is more controversial. While overall accidents fell last year, distracted driving was a growing cause, implicated in 16% of cases, up from 11% in 2004. Roughly 6% of drivers used their phones while driving in 2007, and another 1% texted on some other device.

Kevin Spak

Source: Reuters

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September 30, 2009 at 11:53 am

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(SHOCKING) READ: Chicago Day-Care Home Used for Dogfights…

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296414-1-20090924131854.image(Newser Summary) – Chicago police raided an Illinois day-care center that apparently doubled as a brutal dogfighting operation. Ten children were being watched at the private home at the time of the raid. A swing set used by the kids was only 10 feet from a bloody garage where a “vicious” pit bull was found, said the county sheriff. Three people were arrested and nine abused dogs recovered.

Nick McMaster

Source: Chicago Tribune And Newser

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September 26, 2009 at 10:42 am

(ENVIRONMENT) READ: Gizmos’ Energy Draw Alarms Experts…

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294955-6-20090919194543.image(Newser Summary) – All around the house, electronic gadgets are blinking, buzzing, computing—and drawing on an immense amount of energy, the New York Times reports. Worldwide, they take up 15% of household power, and will likely consume three times as much by 2029, making it harder to combat global warming. Two hundred and thirty nuclear plants would be needed to fuel that demand, the International Energy Agency says.

Most experts say regulations are needed to limit gadgets’ energy draw, but manufacturers have resisted such mandates. A federal attempt to limit the power draw of TVs—flat-screens are the biggest energy offender—died in the 1990s due to industry opposition. But Congress has done it before, limiting the energy use of appliances like refrigerators and washers. “Standards are one of the few ways to cheaply go after big chunks of energy savings,” one advocate says.

Neal Colgrass

Source: New York Times

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September 26, 2009 at 10:34 am

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(ECONOMY/OUTRAGEOUS) READ: Chicago Cabbies Want To Charge For People Tossing Their Lunch!…

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s-CAB-largeSource: The Huffington Post

Chicago could become the first major city in the country with a puking ordinance if cab drivers get their way.

Chicago taxi drivers proposed a package of fee and fare hikes Thursday designed to offset their plunging income during the recession. Among the more controversial revenue-boosting ideas brought to the City Council is charging customers $50 for vomiting in cabs.

If enacted, Chicago would become one of America’s least friendly cities for drunks and people who eat bad shellfish. Customers who barf in cabs in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., Houston or San Francisco may face the driver’s wrath, but they won’t see any additional charges.

“No, we do not have a puking fee,” Boston Police spokesman Joe Zanoli told the Huffington Post. “To my knowledge it’s free to puke in a cab.”

Raymond Turner, president of Yellow Cab Houston, said Friday that of the nearly 3.7 million cab trips his company makes yearly only a fraction involve incidents of reverse peristalsis.

“It’s a fairly rare event,” Turner said. “From my perspective, putting a city ordinance that applies to all cab rides for something that happens only three or four times a month is not very prudent.”

Turner added that while Houston has no law allowing for a fee, drivers often work out arrangements with customers who ralph while in transit. Some passengers agree to pay for a car wash, while others give larger tips.

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September 26, 2009 at 10:09 am

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(CLIMATE) READ: Venice Is Sinking Despite Billion-Dollar Efforts To Keep It Afloat…

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venice1The construction of mobile floodgates aims to safeguard the 1,300-year-old island city of Venice. It’s an ambitious engineering project, but some scientists say it may not be sufficient to protect Venice from rising sea levels due to climate change.

Venice rose from mudflats in the middle of a lagoon which forms the largest wetland in the Mediterranean. One of the world’s most endangered cities, it has been subject to increasing flooding due to sinking land — but also to rising sea levels.

It’s known as “aqua alta” — high water — and it brings city life to a standstill for several hours. Big boats can’t go under low-hanging bridges, and water seeps into buildings through the sewage system. Venetians have not lived on the ground floor for decades. READ MORE

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September 21, 2009 at 1:29 pm

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